Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum Lessons

Basic Rudimental Technique

Having good technique is important, whether you’re a percussionist in a school band or a 50 year old gigging drumset player. To play music, your hands should be able to do anything your mind asks of them – and rudimental technique is one great way of making sure that can happen. In these exercises, excerpted from A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum, Mark will isolate and break down essential rudimental techniques. While some exercises may appear to be geared for the beginning drummer, all skill levels are addressed within each video lesson.

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Rhythmic Reading Studies

The lessons excerpted in this feature specifically target fundamental rhythmic training in quarter and 8th note time signatures. These logically paced studies are perfect for percussionists AND non-percussionists – and can be frequently used in any music classroom for a fun rhythm training activity!

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